First Mile Networks (FMN) is a high-tech business which focusses on helping customers obtain real value from their networks by the use of innovative technology.

We have expertise across all technologies for use in landline, wireless and submarine and satellite connectivity and for use in access, metro and core and international networks. We have particular expertise in optical fibre technology and instigated fibre to the home (FTTH) technology some 10 years ahead of the competition.

Over time we have expanded our capabilities by creating value and opportunity for our clients/customers across a wide range of sectors and can lay claim to being one of the UK’s earliest FTTH advocates.

We always work from the clients/customers perspective - hence the name of our company ‘First Mile’ rather than ‘Last Mile’ Networks and we focus on clients/customers goals of increasing revenue, decreasing costs, maximising profits, maximising reliability/service up times and identifying new opportunities - all with a view to helping our clients/customers achieve competitive advantage.

FMN clients/customers range from property developers, public sector (national and local), investment houses, private sector businesses, “telcos”, community broadband operators, ISPs etc.

The FMN team comprises highly experienced industry leaders in the development and deployment of advanced technologies in both wired and wireless infrastructure.

Our focus spans analysis, infrastructure (often by jv), and commercialisation and find that our clients/customers typically require one or more of our offerings which include:

  1. identifying and analysis of needs (including competitor and market analysis)
  2. regulatory assessments
  3. creating business case to meet the needs
  4. project finance including VC funding
  5. specification and procurement
  6. supply of network/equipment/service
  7. programme and project management
  8. quality assurance
  9. transaction advisory services
  10. interim operational management

‘The Customer is at the beginning of the First Mile

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