FMN  has been involved in numerous projects. One of the most prestigious was Quintain Estates & Development’s Wembley project involving provision of Fibre To The Home (FTTH) technology to some 6,000 homes, plus office blocks and retail areas.  FMN prepared the business plan; technology strategy; and subsequently managed the vendor selection for this most prestigious development.  In fact, we can lay a claim that this activity led to the first FTTH project in the UK (Velocity1).

We are also proud to publicise our work with Innovate UK and, in particular, our study into the concepts and the technology approach to deliver “Lightpaths on Demand.” This project examined the feasibility of achieving true open access, combined with WDM-PONs. True open access as defined by FMN as the ability to select a service from a service provider at the ‘click of a mouse’ and, moreover, to select the desired service provider appropriate for the usage.

The study report is available here.

Other projects include:

For a Broadband infrastructure provider, Southern Africa developed  a 10-year corporate strategy for the deployment and expansion of broadband network infrastructure across national and metropolitan areas, in order to support commercial growth and developmental opportunities arising from Government broadband initiatives. The project included the preparation of a business plan, and the assessment of the technical requirements and the economic impact of a number of capital investment projects.

Assisted an Indonesian CDMA operator investigating the launch of a business unit supplying connectivity to the Indonesian wholesale market. The mandate from the board was to construct a business plan for this new unit for subsequent review at Board, utilising where possible, existing infrastructure and people. Activities included:

Following the acquisition of a 55% stake in an incumbent telco by a Saudi operator, IFRS accountancy standards specify that a network and systems audit is necessary to determine the “fair value” of the stake.  Leading a programme team over a nine month continuous engagement and, reporting to the COO/CFO of both parties, a fair value was determined.  Summary activities of the programme team included:

For a leading UK re-insurance company examined the performance of its UK and international voice and data network.  Reporting to the CIO, the initial analysis identified a need to move from “self build” to a managed service which led to a procurement exercise  to determine a suitable service provider.  In summary, the exercise consisted of engaging with SPs; creation of an RFP; managing the SPs for the duration of the RFP exercise; and recommendations to the CIO at  BAFO stage.

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