FMN has links to some of the finest and most prestigious research universities in the world including University and Imperial Colleges London, Essex, Bristol and many others in the UK, together with others in Europe and North America.

As a result of our technological and commercial expertise we often take technology developed by universities and others and create start-ups to commercialise the technology. We are experts at producing business plans which can be used for demonstrating commercial viability - which then lend themselves to relevant funding including venture capital funding.

Optical switching is one example where we have received grant funding from Innovate UK (the UK government backed body that promotes technology in the UK) to develop all-optical wavelength on demand switching capability as illustrated below.

The combination of our technical and commercial expertise makes FMN an ideal partner for commercialising technology and we also create joint venture entities where deemed to be the optimum way forward - to the benefit of all parties involved.

An example is the Wembley regeneration project where FMN identified the relevant technologies and produced a business plan that demonstrated financial viability - which then led to the creation of a joint venture company.

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